The Six Woman Wolf Pack and Nine Cubs

It’s Tuesday and I didn’t write a blog entry last week. Why? Because I didn’t really have much to talk about. Hard to believe, right? Sure I could throw something together… but I wanted to write about this subject… So, I dropped the human child off at school wearing his Feliz Navidad Muchachos t-shirt… in May… because I wasn’t debating with him this morning. The end goal was to get him at school before 9am. Done and done!img_2872.jpg

Came home and here we are! Listening to a little Bonnie Raitt on the record player. Honestly I don’t really know where to begin. Try thinking about your group of friends… not your acquaintances but “your people.” When something goes terribly wrong or something super exciting happens in your life… who are your go-to people? Think back on the scariest moments or life’s biggest celebrations… who was there? Who were the people that upon getting that phone call or text message didn’t hesitate and dropped everything just to be with you. This type of friend doesn’t ask a lot of questions… other than, “What can I do?” This type of friend loves without an agenda. Some of these people have been in your life since childhood… some since high school…. maybe college… maybe later in life friends. My mama always told me, “If you make it through high school and have 2 great friends… you’ve done good.” And honestly I’ve been unbelievably blessed to have a little bit of both. Some of my best friends are people I met after high school. There’s another post coming about that.

So the six woman wolf pack and nine cubs? It’s a group made up of many different personality types. We often compare ourselves to the characters in the movie Steele Magnolia… hands down, I’m Ouiser Boudreoux. The beautiful thing is… even though we are all so different… our personalities make up a work of art that’s made up of laughter, sadness, misunderstandings, celebrations, break-ups, death, distance, weddings, divorce (just me…), babies, lots of singing, adventures, and sickness. img_2879

Do we see each other every day? Talk every day? Some do… but not all of us. We’re the kind of friends that have a group text message that finds an old picture of you with braces and bad hair or when you won homecoming princess in middle school wearing a velvet dress and choker… and send it first thing in the morning with a “Good Morning, all” message. The kind of friends that randomly send you a message because they know something is going on in your life and just want to say, “Hey. Thinking about you. Love you. Praying for you.” The kind of friend that looks to see how long you’ve been offline to see why you aren’t responding to the group text (ok… maybe this is just me). These are the kind of friends that you plan a day where you have brunch… go to Wal-Mart and buy chairs… and a $30 pool… and sit in your front yard all day and wave as the neighbors pass by. But also the kind of friend that looks for plane tickets in the middle of the night because they want to be by your side in times of uncertainty. The kind of friends that load up in a car to be with you during the most difficult time of your life. img_2880

I believe God handpicks the people that navigate life with us. I believe He knows who we need to surround us in times of need. The different personalities are His way of coming to us to offer us love and support when we need it the most. The people that no matter how much time and distance is present… they know what to say or whether to say nothing at all. Each of us in this group have other groups of friends… friends that we may spend more time with and talk to more often…  but the beautiful thing about the Six Woman Wolf Pack… is the history. It’s the stories. It’s the laughter. It’s the tears. It’s the prayers. As I write this, I have tears… but I also have a smile on my face. How blessed am I… that He handpicked this strong, loving, brave, hilarious, caring group of women to love me, pray for me, aggravate me, laugh with me… but more importantly be with me along life’s crazy beautiful journey.


Be still and know. Psalm 46:10


3 thoughts on “The Six Woman Wolf Pack and Nine Cubs

  1. Good Read! I too am blessed by some really great friends I know I can count on even if we haven’t talked in ages!
    Friends, like MO, who go way back and newer friends that I know have my back no matter what. Blessed beyond measure for sure.


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