Blogging: I think I got it.



How hard can it be, right? I firmly believe that you can figure anything out in a book or on google. Just hop on board as we navigate blogging and a few other topics together. It all got started after the little human child (as you will often see me call him… my fur baby was the first) and I were practicing his ABC’s one night before bed. This kiddo is pretty amusing to me. I always have those moments where I know it’s completely inappropriate to laugh and I should probably implement some form of “positive reinforcement” (or is it negative.. or just reinforcement in general) but on the other hand, I’m like… this kid is pretty amusing. He keeps me laughing (and crying when I think I’m totally failing at this thing called parenting) and is always a reminder that even when it gets tough, finding humor in the frustration and doubt is essential. Let’s be honest… I got 3 pieces of paper stapled together when I left the hospital. Let’s call it my ‘Introduction to Parenting’ packet. I got more paperwork when I got a cellphone… and I was getting a human! So has it been interesting? Downright comical.

I challenged my Facebook friends to come up with a name for my blog. Why? Because I’d already attempted googling ‘How to name your blog’ and didn’t get anywhere. I knew at that point I needed some creativity so I left it up to them for a vote! Obviously the name was selected because of the video that was shared the day before and I thought it was a perfect fit. So I did a little research (read two articles on blogging tips) and they said to be successful you wanted to write a few and then publish them for others… well I decided to go ahead and put this one out there… I think I’m also supposed to have an ‘about me’ section and some other “bloggy” things but we will just get around to that later on. It’s the welcome blog, right? So no one really expects it to be perfect.

So what is my blogging goal? My hope is to write about things you may relate to or things that make you laugh with me or at me.. and to have some friends join me along the way and share their stories with you. I am pretty open on social media and I’m sure there are people who think I overshare. So what? Is some of it inappropriate? Absolutely. But then again, I can be totally inappropriate at times. No one is going to be contacting me anytime soon to write a how to book on parenting. So in the meantime, we can just share how we survived it and had fun while doing it.

I have googled my way through being a parent. I can google my way through blogging.

I’ll go ahead and warn you that I’m not big on grammar… I like lots of …’s and parenthesis to explain myself (I talk a lot with my hands, so this is my way of getting my point across) it’s kinda like my parenting style… it’s not about being perfect, it’s about getting the job done. Blogging: I think I got it.


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